Deliverables and Open Data

Public Deliverables

D2.2 Report on Task 2.2 (inoculation and diffusion).
Sept 2023.

D3.1 Report on train the trainers workshop.
March 2023.

D2.3 Report on effects of refutational training.
March 2023.

D1.3 A qualitative study of the determinants of healthcare professionals' vaccination behaviours.
March 2023.

D1.2 A cross-national comparison of HCP's vaccination behaviour and attitudes.
March 2023.

D2.4 Reports on Experiments to develop empathetic refutational interview.
November 2022.

D3.3 Postinoculation talk on social media.
September 2022.

D1.1 An instrument to measure determinants of HCP's vaccination behaviour and attitudes.
June 2022.

D2.1: Taxonomy of fallacious arguments against vaccination.
August 2021.

Open Data

Vaccine confidence and behaviors in European healthcare professionals measured by the I-Pro-VC-Be
Cross-sectional data collected in December 2021-February 2022 from HCPs in Finland (N=375), France (N=1,213), Germany (N=603), Portugal (N=557) and the United Kingdom (N=118); includes socio-demographic information, vaccination behaviors, and psychosocial determinants of vaccination as identified in the I-Pro-VC-Be questionnaire validated in this population..

Method to create argument taxonomy for JITSUVAX
Dataset for the Taxonomy of Fallacious Arguments against Vaccination.